My Husband, The Saint

Daughter #2 called yesterday evening. There was a point in our conversation where mom, who was listening to the conversation, felt she could add value and context to advice I was giving my daughter, regarding her boyfriend’s child, above and beyond my input. I said “No, daughter #2 has passed the information in question on to the appropriate recipient as we were talking.” Mom couldn’t let go in a BIG way. We’re talking about eye sight. Daughter #2’s boyfriend’s daughter told me about not being able to see well in school. She is likely near sighted. Until cataract surgery, mom was robustly near sighted. Mom felt that her childhood experience of having her vision problem discovered would have great weight on our conversation. Um, Not. 

After I got off the phone, I had to reassure her, three times, that her story, while important, wouldn’t have any bearing on this discussion.
My husband, bless him, sat and listened to her tell her (important) vision story. I retreated.

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