Keeping a straight line to Christmas

Mom seems content on the Island since returning at the end of November. I am thankful. Last week we talked about Christmas logistics (who, when, where), and she said she’d look at the calendar to see what day would suit her to come over from the Island. 

Today I received an e-mail from mom saying she’d talked with daughter #2, who told her my step-daughter, Chloe, would be home for Christmas. Chloe is traveling the world for 8 months on a grant/fellowship (we should all be SO lucky!). I called mom and I reminded her Chloe wouldn’t be home for Xmas.  Daughter #2 did not tell mom Chloe would be home for Xmas. Mom hears what mom wants to hear. Oiy.
The other thing mom ascertains in her e-mail, is that she called both of our cell phones in trying to get a hold of us, which she didn’t. This is something that makes me react, internally, like a 14 year old kid: YOU DID NOT CALL OUR CELL PHONES!!!! There’s no merit in even talking with her about this. A) She won’t remember writing to me that she tried to called the cell phones, and B) She can’t understand or retain, if I tried to explain how I know that she didn’t call the cell phone, the explanation, and will only get defensive. My inner 14 year-old is getting better at letting this stuff go. I don’t have to be right, in part, because she doesn’t remember that she has to be right, if I don’t bring it up…

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