Day off, sorta…

I am, sorta, taking today off. Tomorrow I pick up mom at the ferry terminal. Today is about being quiet and peaceful. I’d like to take mom to the quilt museum on our way home tomorrow, but don’t know if that will cause her anxiety. I’d like to take her to lunch at this cafe that makes (and sells) the most amazing gluten free bread I’ve ever had, but don’t know if she’ll complain about the size/taste/slowness/seating/temperature (both of the food & the establishment) of the meal/staff/cafe. I’d like to have a holiday experience with her tomorrow, yet am gun-shy about being shot down. I’m going to go for it anyway. Today, I’m going to relax, in part, by taking care of some easy chores that put me in a zen state and make me feel virtuous. Then I will cut fabric and listen to music in my studio. I will soak up today. Tomorrow (and the next unknown number of days) may be just fine, arduous, or somewhere in between. If the fire department isn’t involved, it will be an improvement over Thanksgiving. All I know is what my intentions are for today, and there’s a good chance I’ll be able to carry them out. Namaste. 

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