Holidaze 2015-2

I haven’t mentioned that my former mother-in-law hasn’t been feeling well for the last week (as gathered from Intel via my eldest, and what my former MIL actually tells me. I think my former MIL’s story is shape shifting a tad.). The 23rd – 25th, both mamas were circling. No, they didn’t mean persue me, but receiving multiple phone calls, from both of them, three mornings in a row (my mom additionally called 5 and 6 times on the 26th and 27th…) was something I could never have predicted. One can never be prepared for what our parents’ needs will, or hopefully won’t, be. Or, perhaps more accurately said, I had no example of this growing up as my grandparents were very self-sufficient to the point of choosing to live in a retirement community when they hit their mid-80’s. I find myself bowled over and blown away. While I am a giver, I am also feeling tightly stretched in moments.

My former MIL didn’t call the last two days. I take this as a good sign. I’ll call her today to check in. My mom too, who decided to return to her Island home yesterday. 

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