Two Year Anniversary & Holy F*ck!

This is the two year anniversary of this blog! It’s an easy day to remember because it’s my grandson’s second birthday. The first post signed off with a segue to my daugther’s labor being underway, and that I could suspend my stress for a little while to attend and delight in his birth. This child is a magnet in my life! 

Halloween 2015
This evening one of my amazing operatives on the Island (a neighbor of mom’s) wrote with some concerns. One I’d heard about (burn acquired while lighting the diesel stove), and the other was about mom driving children for another neighbor. My fingers have never dialed faster. Mom’s neighbor, who wrote to me, will talk to the neighbor who’d asked mom to transport the kids (don’t know how many times), and put the kibosh on that. We even figured out how to couch it, as the neighbor requesting chauffeur services doesn’t interact with mom quite enough to ‘get’ that there’s a problem. 

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