January 2nd Calls

Mom left voice mail at 3:20 and 4:54 this afternoon. It was crystal clear from her second message that she did not recall leaving the first message. I returned her calls. It was perfectly clear, as she answered the phone, that she’d forgotten that she’d left voicemail. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hi Mom! I’m returning your calls!
Me: You wanted Homer’s contact information!
Mom: Oh Yes! Let me get a pen.
Me: It’s Hdoe@aol.com, That’s Alpha Oscar Lima…
Mom: Wait, Hdoe, is that capitalized?
Me: It doesn’t matter in an email address. 
Mom: Oh, OK. Now, AOL, does that have to be capitalized? 
Me: (working on relaxing) Mom, capitalization doesn’t matter in an e-mail address! Either way is just fine.
Mom: Oh, OK!
As we talked it sounded like she was making popcorn in the background. She said…
Mom: Wait, I’m frying something, let me move so I can hear you.
Me: What’s for dinner?
Mom: Little Asian goodies. I’ve lost my mind. I’ve lost my memory. (She then rummaged in the freezer) Potstickers!! I’m making potstickers!
Me: That sounds Wonderful, Mom!
Mom: I haven’t had them in a long, long time. Dad and I really enjoyed them. They make a great quick meal. (She has them for dinner, probably, once a month)
She said she’d left voice mail on New Years Day asking what we did. I replied we’d talked yesterday…
Mom: Oh yeah, that’s right. What did you do for New Year’s Eve.
Me: We had dinner with Daughter #2 and her Boyfriend. We were home by 10:30! (I shared all of this with mom yesterday when we talked)
I guess the purpose of this post is to document, additionally, that her disease seems to be advancing.  While she is obviously far more content in her Island home, her memory seems to be sliding further down the path. For the first part of 2015, returning to her Island home seemed to stabilized the memory dips caused by traveling between homes. It’s become apparent to us that her memory is seated, for now, in a new place. We will all adjust.  

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