Tracking ability

I made plans to visit mom on the Island February 1st and 2nd, and then had to postpone those plans for a week. The following communications have transpired re moving the dates of my trip:

1/26/16: Sent an email to mom explaining the need to postpone the trip until the 8th & 9th.
1/27/16 Received email from mom confirming and understanding need to move trip until the 8th & 9th.
1/31/16: Received email from mom’s neighbor, who heard from mom I’d be in town on the 1st & 2nd, and would like to get together for a walk. Replied to neighbor with actual dates, and that I’d tune up mom’s expectations.
1/31/16 (later): Called mom, who seemed right on board with the 8th & 9th.
2/1/16: Received the following email from mom this morning ~
     ~ I thought I’d marked your dates on the calendar, but none of ’em tell me anything…anyway, as I recall, you said at first it’d be this week, i.e., Wed.-Thurs. the 3rd & 4th, but a few days later  you decided that Mon.-Tues., the 8th-9th, would be better.  So let me know so I don’t get caught unaware…

All of this means mom a) doesn’t remember our phone conversation last night, b) can’t understand the notes she’s made on her calendar (mostly a successful tool for her when she remembers to look at her calendar), c) originally put the wrong dates for this week’s trip on her calendar, and d) isn’t going back to our email correspondence for confirmation while she’s emailing me for confirmation.
Thank goodness in the big scheme of things, none of this really matters. I’ll remind her as much as is needed about the 8th and 9th. That’s easy. What I’m seeing is a slip in her ability to track things. None of the arrows in her quiver are helping this one stick. 

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