Island Ho!

I’m Island bound tomorrow to spend two nights with Mom. It’s been six weeks since she returned to the Island after Christmas. It’s so good to have regular time to visit again. Other than hanging out, the official reason for the trip is to gather tax docs so I can complete her tax return. I’m also hoping to back up her (antique) computer, find a free, not-off shore-money sucking anti-virus solution for her computer (that will work with XP), and will simply keep it’s definitions updated transparently without her needing to life a finger, or needing to whip out her credit card, and maybe, hopefully, get some painting done. I expect push back on the painting. My goal is the space above the fireplace, which is horribly smoke damaged. It’s a tiny area. If we get it looking perfect, she might be compelled to continue! She’s a great painter!

As usual, I’ll be staying at Tim & Cindy’s cabin, two miles from mom’s. I’m getting to be a pro at this. Six gallons of water are in the truck (refillable at mom’s), plus drinking water. The water at the cabin is turned off in the winter… This time, I’ll leave 3 full gallons when I head out. It’s good for a flush for the next visitor! I have tools packed (steel rake, loppers, Felcos, Come-Along, rope, hitch etc) as Tim hears (from their winter home in CA) that the road to the cabin is impacted from our November 19th storm. Mom is eager to help clear the road, if needed. She’s all about the potential firewood! 

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