Each month I print of two copies of mom’s Island bank statement. One for me and one for her. This is a very, very small bank. It’s online system is somewhat limited (or very green). If you opt for receiving your statements online, they will not mail them to you. I need these statements to track, among other things, mom’s charitable giving. I also track her cash withdrawals. Being of a certain age, she uses cash rather then a debit card to make purchases. February’s cash withdrawal pattern is different, not in the amount, but in its sequencing:

(Date, Check #, Amt)

2/4, 5817, $40
2/5, 5818, $40
2/5, 5819, $65
2/10, 5820, $65
2/12, 5821, $40
2/16, 5822, $65
2/18, 5827, $40
2/22, 5826, $90
2/26, 5834, $90

Of course, the most interesting thing is cashing two checks on the same day. I’ll never know if she forgot she cashed a check earlier in the day, or spent all the money from the first check on groceries, and then decided to get more cash. The next interesting detail is that over a 12 day period the only checks she wrote were for the purpose of obtaining cash. Further, as I review her January and February statements, between January 28th and February 16, 19 days, the only checks she wrote on this account were for cash. There’s nothing earth shattering here. I am an observer of patterns and notice when they change. It could be an anomaly, but next month’s statement will be closely examined.

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