The Wild Braid

I left “The Wild Braid” by Stanley Kunitz with my mom in February, knowing that she would love it. This is what she wrote about the book today. This is the paradox that is my mother, author and editor. In the written word she is flawless.

“I finally really got into this book, and it’s just great–good insights, good plain, clear language and explanations of his beliefs & convictions, with room left for the understanding and inclusion of those that others hold….

I don’t know his work as a whole; I’ve read just a scant handful of his poems, here and there.  His insights and perceptions re: the garden are ‘enlightening’ in that they open doors and let in a lifetime of light/insights; we begin to ‘see’ things we may not have been able to know or articulate earlier–and yet there’s not a trace of any tone of teaching/preaching in what he writes.

I think that if there’s an afterlife and Kunitz is there now, he and Jesus will be enjoying long talks from time to time…about gardens, earthly & heavenly… ;-)”

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