April Fool’s Day

My fearless husband and I arrived at mom’s Island home after nearly missing the ferry. We were in line, praying to the overload Gods, as 6 cars at a time were allowed to load. We were the 4th to last vehicle on board, with the last car having to back off the boat! I would have cried.
We popped into the cabin, at Tim and Cindy’s to offload pillows, clothes and backgammon, and then headed to mom’s. Mom greeted us warmly. She had moved all the furniture out of the way in preparation for our delivery of her 8’ media cabinet, which lives along the, now, Poppy Red wall. My father built this piece of furniture. It didn’t take much time to get it in place, and it looks wonderful. Mom asked where her LPs and turntable were (mainland house). I had to explain that the only turntable she has, as far as I know, is for the purpose of transferring music on LPs to the computer. I have no idea if this turntable will work as part of a stereo system. She had a hard time trying to understand what all of this meant. I said I’d scour the mainland house garage for a regular turntable, which she is sure she and dad had.
Part of our plan for this birthday weekend is to go out to sushi on Saturday. I predicted mom, who wrote 6 emails about research, discovery and then inquiry re the best day to have dinner at the sushi restaurant, and then, with collaborative help from yours truly, made reservations for Saturday, would forget which day we were doing this. On cue, this prediction came to pass. She thought we were having our dinner out on Friday. Mom called the restaurant to double check that our reservations were indeed for Saturday, rather Friday. They confirmed. She and I, after agreeing the game hens she told me we were going to have Friday night for dinner (a week ago) would take too long to defrost, zipped back to town and found fresh local clams for dinner. They were amazing.
The evening was really good. Mom asked if we’d sung The Street of Lardeo, and what we were doing Saturday 4 times each. That was as challenged her memory got. Otherwise she was cheerful, content and good company.

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