We started Sunday by packing out of the cabin, and then receiving calls from mom that couldn’t connect due to lack of cell service. When I listened to voice mail later, she’d not only forgotten what time we’d agreed to reconvene at her place, but that there was a plan at all. Fortunately, she wasn’t too agitated about any of this. We met her as we pulled onto her road. She was heading to town to pick up the Sunday paper, full of smiles.

The fourth coat of paint was no match for the smoke stains. My next trick is a primer called Kilz. If that doesn’t fix the bleed through on the paint job, we’ll have to call in the pros.

Two neighbors stopped in for short visits. It was great to see folks and touch base in person. Mom always enjoys the social contact.

Mom asked a couple of times what we’d like to do for dinner. I reminded her what ferry we were taking. She was a few shades better than sad when we said good bye, and opted not to come to town with us. I’ve had two cheerful emails from her today. I’ll calendar our next trip in a week or two.

And so it goes.

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