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Mom called yesterday to tell me she thought she’d moved her medical care to a new doctor, but that her old doctor, who she has two appointments with this month, has no record of this transfer taking place. This is because when she saw the new doctor, in late May & June (regarding signing a letter from the state about her continued ability to pilot a car) she didn’t sign a records release form allowing the old doc to send records to the new doc. She didn’t sign this because she doesn’t want the new doc to see the Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Mom repeatedly told me why she wants to see the new doc: “…when that specialist I went to said I had Alzheimer’s, after seeing me for 17 minutes, my old doc fell right in line with him! Why did I see that specialist?…” I told her we went to see him because she was concerned about her memory. She replied it was a very stressful time, right after “Daddy” died. She has NEVER referred to my dad as daddy. It was also a year after my father died. Not to say that things were all rosy at that point, but we’re not talking 3 weeks after losing your spouse of over 4 decades. 
Having all of her medical bills for 2015 (taxes), I was easily able to ask, “Why did you see your old doc in December?” She said it was something to do with prescriptions. I think she’d forgotten that she’d switched medical practices when she needed to see a doc in December. At the December appointment with her old doc, she had an EKG. I assume the scheduled appointments this month are a follow up for the December visit. I further predict that she described symptoms of low sodium (light-headedness, dizzy, tired), which prompted her old doc to run the EKG. Mom takes blood pressure meds. Low sodium symptoms would prompt a doc to run this test. She told me she was going to cancel these follow up appointments. 

After a lot of ‘acknowledging’ what mom said, and making supportive ‘noise,’ without actually agreeing with anything she said, we got off the phone. I immediately sent her ‘old’ doc an email with history, context, and asking him to give me a ring. It was a concise letter, but I included how mom’s empathy, a personality trait, is still so well intact. I did not say that ‘ire,’ an emotion, is next most expressed in her personality. There’s a country song in there somewhere.

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