Mom called this evening. Among other things, she told me she sold the tractor. It felt similar to when she told me that she’d sent her mother’s sterling to one of her cousins, after telling me, as a child, she’d pass it to me. Not a death, but somehow an important loss none the less.

This has taken over my evening. I should have taken in at least 2 episodes of Breaking Bad by now! Ah well. First call was to the buyer, who I left an, almost, cheerful voicemail for. I wanted to know how he knew the tractor was there, given mom’s property isn’t exactly on the street… And dropped that because mom is, politely stated, cognitively challenged, I was concerned that she seemed ok to him etc. I will not dive into what the buyer’s responses might be based on his intentions. Just know I thought this through carefully before leaving the voice mail, and I text with the sherrif. 
Next email was to mom’s neighbor who was so amazingly helpful to her and dad. He’s backed off a lot in the last year because mom has become abrasive, yet he and his wife are still right there for me. I am humbled and grateful. I asked about the value of the tractor. 
Next email was to mom’s neighbors below her, who we saw in April. Their son wants dad’s old GMC 1979 flatbed truck. I wanted to let them know mom sold the tractor, and that if their son still wants the truck, perhaps we should move on that… I’ll take the lowest fairly supportable price. The last thing I want to happen is for mom to get swindled on the truck (yeah, even for a few hundred), and have it compounded by her neighbor’s boy losing out on his dream project.
Next, I wrote to mom:

Please, DO NOT give the manual for the tractor to the Buyer until I have a chance to look at it. If you find it, please mail it to me. When I search online for retail pricing for 1954 Ford Tractors, I find $3000-$4500. I don’t want to say you got taken, but I want to assess exactly what Your tractor model is, deduct for mechanical problems, and then come up with a fair retail price. DON’T talk to the Buyer  about this. Let me do some research and we’ll reconvene. 

I love (taking care of) you,

Your Daughter

If this turns out to be a case of gross advantage taking, I’ll consult adult protective services, at least, in order to protect mom’s interest re the tractor sale. 

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