Tractor Post-Mortem

The ‘quasi’ tractor buyer, Steve, called me this morning. He was effusive in his telling of how he came to know of the tractor (mowed for mom a couple of years ago), how the run up to his friend buying the tractor happened over 3ish weeks, and the condition of the tractor (not good). Mom told me Steve knocked on the door twice in three days, the first time telling her not to sell it for less than a grand, and the second time with a grand in his hand. As the tale was being told, in great detail, I thought, “No one can make this up.” It turns out I’ve met Steve before, in the grocery with mom, where he tells me he sees her three times a week. So much of what he said simply fit into what I know about my mom’s routines and history that I was put at ease.

The next thing I did was try to delete my email to her, sent last night, in her email. My phone would not cooperate, as it usually does. I texted my husband, gave him the credentials, and he zapped the email. 

Mom’s neighbor, who I wrote asking for tractor valuation, responded with the same list of tractor maladies Steve described to me, including how he and my dad seriously bent the front axle while trying to get the tractor out of a sticky (literally) predicament. He also said the buyer is a seriously ethical man. 
I am SO thankful for my network of folks on the Island. While I reacted viscerally to mom telling me she’d sold the tractor (She’s been taken 3 times, that I know of), I’d rather look foolish than be sorry. It turns out a grand is a smokin’ good price to get for a very clunky 1954 Ford tractor!

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