Mom’s Car

This note arrived this morning from one of mom’s neighbor’s:

Are you sitting down? Your mom hit Karen’s car yesterday in town. It is her 
Honda Element and it was on the left rear quarter panel. Karen was parallel 
parked in front of the bank and your mom was also parked behind her. Your mom left 
first and caught the corners and left crease marks on Karen’s car. That 
must be how your mom is getting all the damage to her quarter panels.

It is a large plastic panel that I don’t think is repairable. I want to just 
get an estimate and have your mom write a check.

If Karen hadn’t walked out of the bank when she did, mom would have driven off. I joked to mom’s neighbor that perhaps I should check in with the sheriff and see how many open hit & run cases they have on the books… He told me I’d get my mother thrown in jail. I would not wish that on the sheriff in a million years. Seriously. 

Now I know how she’s collecting the quarter panel damage. This may explain the occasional car washing my mom does! In the last few years she’s very proudly told me how virtuous she feels because she just washed the car. An activity she has historically had zero interest in, living on a gravel road and all… 

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