2016 June Island Trip – Day One

It’s been a long day, having started at 5:15 this morning. In order to catch the 9am ferry to the Island, with a truck full of furniture, leaving early was imperative. I had to stop 6 times to tame the ubiquitous blue tarp. After returning to the mainland, my truck will shortly sport proper tie down brackets. No more half-ass covered loads, whether it’s compost or antiques.
This is the load of furniture mom has been wanting back at her Island home for about a year now. We’ve been waiting for her to get the walls painted only behind where these three pieces of furniture go. I’ve made two trips this year, one with hubby in tow, for the sole purpose of painting. Mom was stoked, said she would continue, but no, she was unable to. I’m disappointed (not in her, just that it didn’t happen), but not surprised. I can’t let paint hold up plans any longer. Two strong guys (friends of a friend of mine) were on time, unloaded the furniture & 20 boxes of books, placed things exactly where I instructed, and were kind and respectful. I paid them handsomely. As Mom unpacked, she enjoyed discovering things she didn’t recall ever owning.
It’s been just over two months since I’ve seen mom. Her memory seems different in subtle ways. She asks me lots of the same sorts of questions (day of the week etc), but there were micro queries & forgetfulness that were new:

  • ·          She asked me about my contact with Tim & Cindy 4 times today.

  • ·         She’s taking allergy meds, which I’m fairly certain she’s taking too much of. I’m going to keep track of this for the rest of the time I’m here.

  • ·         We went out to dinner. The waiter asked if we wanted a drink, and I ordered a glass of wine. Mom declined. When my wine arrived, 4 minutes later, she said, “I think this is mine.” I reminded her that hadn’t ordered anything. She looked perplexed for a few seconds, and then was OK.

On the positive side, she’s unloaded 75% of the boxes with good humor. We went on a pleasant walk today with two of her neighbors, and she seems good physically.

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