2016 June Island Trip – Day Three


I packed out of the cabin, after an hour and a half of peaceful time, in order to be at mom’s at 9am.

She made us both eggs for breakfast. As I got up to clear my plate, I saw the kitchen was full of smoke. Mom had left the stove on under the pan again. I turned the stove off, ran the pan & spatula outside to cool off, and opened the window, all in 5 seconds. When I told mom, she smiled and said, “Oh, thank you.” It was no big deal to her. The kitchen was full of vaporized butter! I didn’t know what to do, or how to address this with her, so I excused myself to take a shower. All good thinking happens in the shower.

By the time I was done, the vaoprized butter had thinned only because it was now evenly spread throughout the house. Mom was clattering around in the kitchen. She came to me excitedly and said, “I can’t find my aluminum fry pan!!!” I told her it was sitting out on the brick cooling because she’d left the flame on it… “Oh, thank you!” she said. I went to load a couple of large things into the truck.

When I was finished, I brought the pan in and asked, “Mom, does it worry you that you left the flame on under the pan?” She assured me it never happens. I launched, telling her it happened when I was there in February. Then I, while expressing concern, showed her the charred spatula handle and the burnt wooden spoon. She ‘explained’ them both away saying how easy it is for this sort of thing to happen if you leave utensils on the right side of the stove while you’re working on the left side of the stove. She was calm while explaining all of this to me.

Then she got contentious about money. She asked/demanded to know about moving money from one account to another. When I said she’d just done that, she was in hot denial. I asked if I could get online to check with the bank. It had been 2.5 weeks. She all but yelled, it’d been 17 days, so that was three weeks, like that made some wild difference. We went through the process (she writes herself a check from one account and deposits it into another) again, but it was like she’d Never done it before, and was hostile as hell when I said, “Yes mom, just write yourself a check, like you always do.” This is when I knew I needed to leave, despite the fact I didn’t have to for 1.5 hours.

I asked her if there was anything she wanted to get up to, or needed specific help with, hoping that if she’d focus, she’d stop being so pissy. She asked if I’d like to go to town. ABSOLUTELY!!! We agreed where to meet, and I sped out of there in order to have a few minutes to shed my annoyance.

We met at the appointed place, and walked to a coffee shop where an old friend of hers happened to be. We joined him, and had a delightful conversation about his latest book and how the left and right sides of the brain keep each other in check, and what happens when that balance is askew. The topic was most relevant.

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