Things Left Undone

There were a few things I didn’t follow through on while on the Island with my mom last week:

     1) I brought back the rest of the seats for mom’s mini-van. I was prepared to install them in her car, but she decided to place the heavier of the two in the shed her clothes drier is in, on the shredded tarp that covered the load I brought up in the truck. After running a load of laundry through the dryer she decided that we should move the seat to one of the barns, namely my father’s darkroom space where, “there were no signs of rodents.” The darkroom is merely sprinkled, rather than strewn, with rat poop. Mom did not bring this up again, and I didn’t remind her. While the shed is certainly not rodent proof, she is in and out of the building all the time, and there are no overt signs of critters.
     2) Mom asked me if we could check out the John Deere riding mower behind the barn. Local intel says there are pieces of serveral JD riding mowers, but not enough good parts to make a whole working machine. Mom is having a hard time getting someone to mow for her. Several local people are working on this mission for her… The grass is over three feet high now. It’s when August & September come around that it becomes a problem. It’s a fire danger. Most of 10 acres of a fire danger. She thinks she can mitigate this with a JD riding lawn mower herself. Not so much. The first thing mom would do with a riding mower (assuming she was able to run it) is get it fast stuck in the mud caused by the high water table…
     3) On the morning of the 14th, when mom got all testy with me after I’d bravely leaned on her regarding utensils catching fire in the kitchen, due to leaving burners on, she got all het up about money in her mainland bank. After the whole growl about moving additional funds to her Island bank, I haven’t heard another peep about this. I keep an eye on her checking account(s) to make sure she doesn’t blow it up. This stuff is almost like an experiment… Mom gets all excited, worked up, or outright angry about ‘something,’ and I am learning to take a breath, or three, and see if it passes on by. 93% of the time it does.

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