Lying – Inconclusive

This evening, mom again claimed she didn’t receive my resent email. She partially got caught in my ‘lie detector,’ but not enough for me to make hard conclusions. I cheerfully told her I’d print out my note, and hand it to her when I pick her up a week from today. That sounded good to her.

I think what’s going on is that she doesn’t want to deal with logic. My thrice sent email spells out/solves all of her concerns. I also know she can’t get through a long email. Friends of hers ask me why she only responds to the first couple of sentences of their communications to her. I suggest shorter and bullet-pointed notes as a way of making correspondence easy for mom to assimilate. I need to take my own advice!
At this point it is likely she doesn’t remember what she was upset about, or that she was upset at all. She sounded good when we spoke this evening. She tried to bend my will (again!) about having TV! That’s a good normal!

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