Memorial at the Beach – Day Eight

Mom and I had a good evening. We had an easy dinner much later than she preferred, based on her comments about how late it was getting. Still, she enjoyed both dinner, our general conversation, and schooling me on how once we have our hardwood installed, we need to place carpets all over it, and pads on the stairs, even if the pads are such that they can be hosed off, dried and placed back down again. Um, not.     

Mom stumbled and fell down the last three stairs as we left our house for hers. She didn’t hit her head, thank God. I deliberately took her out through the garage because it dawned on me, ‘Gee, what if she stumbles on the porch steps in the twilight… Bad scene.’ And then she did just that on the interior stairs. She blamed the carpet catching the soles of her high end athletic shoes on the stair, like it was the carpet’s fault. She’s tripped over her entry mat (5/8ths of an inch +/-) twice today. She simply doesn’t pick her feet up any more. I could not detect any injury due to her tumble in the 20 minutes we spent together afterwards. Thank heavens her Island home is single story. 
Mom, as I dropped her off & got her TV working, is on target to head to the ferry tomorrow, including what time I’ll collect her (early). 
I think these independent days are on the endangered list.

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