Memorial at the Beach – Day One

After uncountable phone calls and emails confirming the day, date & which boat mom needed to take, the day arrived. One of mom’s neighbors alleviated my concerns by confirming that she was the one who was going to get mom to the boat on time.
Our drive back was productive and lengthy. We stopped at Cabela’s to find a lightweight rain jacket for mom. She was appalled at the sale prices. We asked a sales person if there were other places in the store to look for rain jackets. She pointed us in three directions, and then said to come look for her when mom found what she liked, and she’d see what she could do about the price! Mom found a nice ‘rain shell’ on sale for $56. The best sales gal in the world marked it down the $30!! Mom was thrilled. We had a group hug.
Next up was Macy’s for a wallet. Mom’s wallet has been in serious disrepair for years. I knew the choices at Macy’s would cost more that mom would want to spend (Everything does), but there would be enough selection, and things on sale to, hopefully, avoid going to 5 stores. It took 8 minutes for me to understand her criteria for a replacement, and a total of 40 minutes to find the right wallet. It came in a classy medium burgundy and a hot mustard yellow. Mom asked which one I thought was better. I said, “Red, but only because I’m not brave enough to own anything That yellow!” She chose the red.
Next we went to the bank so she could get cash. Then to the grocery for snacks (she was hungry and I was famished), and then to our trailer doctor to see how the Doctor and my husband were faring, given that the information hours earlier was that our antique Airstream was suddenly not street legal. The Boys were on task. We had our snack at the Doctor’s shop, and then headed to the drug store so mom could buy purse-sized packets of Kleenex, which she forgot to pack for the trip.
Then, finally, we got to her house where I introduced her to the crew that was building her a replacement front porch. She, on cue, said she had no idea the porch was being replaced or that the work needed to happen. I said we’d discussed it a month ago. Ultimately, she was ok. She took in, again, my description of how rotten the ex-porch was, and how little money had been put into the house since she and dad had replaced the roof 5ish years ago. It helped that the crew were personable and treated her with respect.
After giving all the time she needed, she decided to hang out at her place for a couple of hours. My husband picked her up, brought her to our place, showed her the new plantings I’ve recently installed, and then we had dinner.

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