Memorial at the Beach – Follow Up

The following are observations from our nine days together:

     * A year ago, on our way to Montana, mom napped practically the entire time we were on the road. This trip, while shorter, she was wide awake 95% of the time. She was FULL of commentary about Everything, most of which made for easy, if not repetitive, conversation. I finally had to say something as we drove through yet another neighborhood of 1960’s era houses. Mom thinks every house we drove by was built right after the war. I simply said, ‘the neighborhood we were in was built in the 60’s-70’s.’ She was surprised, but didn’t try to correct me.
     * On our way back from getting groceries on Day Eight, mom suddenly said, “I’d like to see the last couple of statements from the mainland bank.” I went from zero to pissed in a nano second, and with a slight edge in my voice replied, “Mom, I just mailed those to you, and the next statement hasn’t come out yet.” She acquiesced, and then asked what the utilities at the mainland house amounted to. “$400 a month on average.” She then went further to say she’d ‘…be taking funds from the mainland account blah, blah, blah…’ I stopped her short, not wanting to repeat this conversation for the 5th time, by saying, “Mom, you’ve been using funds from the mainland account all year, and it’s working out just fine.” She stopped the line of conversation. I wanted to to be abducted by aliens. 
     * The day we left for the beach (Day Two) mom told me she’d turned on her furnace to take the chill off of the house. The day I took her back to the ferry terminal (Day Nine) she told me she wanted to turn the furnace on, but couldn’t figure out how to do so. It’s August, and it’s been hot enough here that folks who have air conditioning are very smug.
     * While enjoying the molten sunset from our dining room, on eveing Eight, mom exclaimed, “The sunset never looks like this from here!” I replied, “Mom, the sunsets look like this from here, barring weather, from early June through mid-September.”
     * As mom and I drove away from the beach, she brought up songs from her youth, many of which I could follow along and harmonize with, but didn’t really know. We spent half an hour at this. I am always amazed how our voices sound together. It doesn’t matter who sings the main line, the other can find a harmony or descant. As we turned onto the slow end of the main highway, harmonizing like two girls any producer would salivate to discover, tears came to my eyes. This is something only she and I have with each other. And I don’t know how long it will last. When we are together next, I’ll have my digital recorder.

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