Memorial at the Beach – Day 9 ‘Take the darn coat, Mom!’

Upon picking mom up at 7am, to take her to the ferry terminal, the following conversation took place:

Mom: “Did you bring the little white jacket I left at your house?”
Me: “Yes.”

Mom: “Can you get it?”
Me: “Mom, it’s already in the car!”

Mom: “Oh, that’s right.” With a slight laugh.
Me, while pointing at her winter coat she’d brought down on this trip: “Mom, you should take this coat back with you.” 

Mom: “I don’t know how I’ll carry it!”
Me: “Well, you brought it here!”

Mom: “I think I’ll leave it here.”
Me: “Mom, this is the first time you’ve been here this year.”

Mom: “IT IS NOT!!!”
Me: “Yes, it is. The last time you were here was December 27th. If you don’t return until Thanksgiving, you’re going to want your winter coat on the Island.”

Mom, as she put her winter coat on in August: “Oh, you’re right.”

One interesting thing to point out here is that mom, who couldn’t find her little white jacket as she left my place the evening before, and called me when she couldn’t find it at her place (I discovered it next to one of our chairs) still remembered its absence the next morning. It adds important personal possessions to empathy and ire, as things that persist in her immediate memory.

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