Devil’s in the Details!

I had a really good, but funny chat with mom last night. These are some of the topics we covered:

Flank Steak. Mom was having flank steak for dinner. She started our conversation by telling me this twice in a row, and to her credit, half way through the second telling, asked me if she’d mentioned this before, and then continued the story! She went on to say how the steak had been ‘cut wrong.’ As in, it was dressed off the cow incorrectly, rendering it tough and almost unchewable. While I’m not a butcher, I don’t think it’s possible to remove a flank steak from a cow incorrectly! It’s kind of its own entity. Mom described how she would turn the two other pieces she’d frozen into a been stew. My best guess is she, while dividing the steak into three meals, made the incorrect cut.
Painting. Mom assured me she’d have what she’s calling the west wall, but which is in fact the east wall, of the house painted by the time I get there in a week. I know better than to hold my breath over this assertion, and am going forward knowing we will get the east wall painted. She then asked me if I’d seen her red wall. I said, “Well yeah, mom, I helped you paint the red wall.” She went on to say she’d done a second coat, which readers know, I painted with her! 
Apples: I said I’d bring my orchard ladder so we could easily pick her apples. She explained she’d gone up to check the trees, and there wasn’t one piece of fruit on them. She explained how there hadn’t been fruit on the trees the prior two years as well. I reminded her we’d picked the last two years. I’ve asked one of her neighbors to take a look up the hill from the house for me. The apples practically glow on the trees in the sun. We shall see.

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