September 2016 Island Trip Day 1

September 19, Day 1
The big wonderful news today is that mom’s long suffering neighbor not only knew exactly where the gray water outlet was (like instantly), but had the time to hatch a plan to permanently fix the problem, and execute the plan, all without roving county inspectors catching us.  Water will no longer back up in mom’s shower due to the high pressure evacuation caused by the washer’s spin cycle. Mom and her long suffering neighbor were even congenial with each other! Score one for the team!
While mom removed things from the east wall of the house, I began cutting in paint at the edges of the ceiling. I also picked a huge bag of apples, and will do so again tomorrow. We had a crab for dinner. It was delicious.
In other news:

  •  When I arrived at the house, mom said she’d hoped to have all ‘the paper’ sorted and put away before my arrival, but didn’t get to it. I discovered paper hidden underneath a placemat. When she went to rest after lunch, I did my usual paper sweep. Bills are in multiple locations, all within a few feet of each other, but on different pieces of furniture.

  •  Mom is sounding more and more receptive about buying a smaller car. She admits to not knowing where the edges of her Honda are, and it shows when she’s backing out of parking spaces (yes, I was her passenger today). As we drove back to the house, she told me that she and dad bought the Honda because many years prior, she’d driven one long distance for someone, as in transporting a car. She’s having a memory mashup. After she graduated from college she drove (at least once) a car up from LA to Seattle. It’s where she wanted to go, and where someone needed their car to be, but couldn’t make the drive themselves. Mom and dad bought the Honda in 2005 (a 2006 model) because it had good ratings, historically held its value, and didn’t need a tune-up for 105,000 miles. The car still hasn’t crossed the tune-up threshold.  A funny thing to recall is eyeing my dad upon learning this detail from him and saying, “I’m gonna inherit this car before you have to tune it up, huh?! He slyly grinned and said, “That’s the plan, Pal.”

  • Mom kept asking if it was Friday, if I wanted salad with or after crab, and what her long suffering neighbor was bringing over. When we went to town she couldn’t find her car in the miniscule hardware store parking lot when she was standing right in front of it, and then forgot what else we were doing in town. When we got to the market, she had the presence of mind to encourage me to find to gluten free bread, but couldn’t retain what else she wanted, except she did ask me if I wanted dessert twice (I didn’t). The kitchen is a health department inspector’s playground (says this slightly OCD daughter), but would only incur mad infractions rather than an immediate closure. The fridge, however, would. There are more half pint mason jars filled with mystery substances than one ever thought imaginable. I did the dishes after our crab dinner and cleaned goo mom simply doesn’t see anymore.

Overall, it was a good day. Lots of progress, good conversation, rolling jokes even. A model for tomorrow!

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