Mom short-paid her mortgage again. She paid a varient of the total amount she’s paid year-to-date. Thank heavens it was a varient, or she’d have overpaid the mortgage by more than $12,000.00. To fix this, I have to go to two banks, wait a day or two, and then make a phone call to the mortgage service center (because the bank branch can’t do anything to service a mortgage…) to put the two amounts of money, now sitting in mom’s account, together to make a whole payment.

I got home from this, and other, errands in time to receive a call from mom. She thanked me for sending a publication she enjoys, and then launched at me saying she Did Not understand why I included the Island bank statement in the mailing. I explained to her why I mailed it, again. She replied that she receives the Island statement monthly (which she doesn’t), and needed/wanted the mainland bank statement. I reminded her I left the mainland statement with her when I was on the Island. She had no recollection of this, asked me where I’d placed it, and within 90 seconds asked me to send it three additional times.
I need to get better at letting mom’s calls go to voicemail so I can take a breath, should I need to, before having these conversations. Dealing with her hostility, while I deal with her financial foibles, are like two flavors that combine to taste bitter on the pallet. 

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