Linguistic Backward Compatibility

We just came through the threat of some seriously exciting weather. The expected tempests were a shadow of what the computer models warned the local meteorologists they would be. The Island my mom lives on was predicted to take the brunt of the second storm. So, naturally, I called her.

When I was a child on the Island, the power company would tell us ahead of time when outages were planned, and then there the were outages caused by storms. The power could be out for days. We were, and mom still is, on a well. No power, no water.
I suggested mom put buckets of water by so she could flush her toilet, buy paper plates and plastic cutlery so as to not have to do dishes, lay in bottled water, etc.
Mom has always held light distain for the profession of weather forecasting. She doesn’t understand how someone can be wrong so often and still make so much money. Nor does she understand the advanced science of meteorological computer modeling, or maybe even that it exists. She just knows that the “weather-wallas'” track record isn’t what it ought to be. So, I talk forecasts with her rather than models. It’s all about being backwardly compatible. 

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