Back Pain Update

Between communication with mom’s doctor’s office, her neighbor, and mom herself, this is the picture I now have:

    * When mom went to the doctor’s last week, her blood pressure (BP) was so high, she was instructed to take an additional dose of her BP medication when she returned home. Did she?
     * Mom’s X-Ray did indeed show something: A compression fracture at T-12, the lower part of the thoracic spine. The age of the fracture is indeterminable. 
     * The PA who saw mom yesterday says her pain is at this spot.
     * A fall could have caused the fracture.
     * Mom maintains, to all of us, she didn’t fall, or engage in unusual or over-strenuous activity.
     * She was prescribed a muscle relaxer, but by this morning had forgotten, and actually lost the bottle.
She said she felt better yesterday than the day before, without taking any medication. But perhaps she forgot she’d taken it. Last night her plan was to take the medication at bedtime, so she could have a drink with dinner…
I am now struggling with going to the Island verses staying here, where I am about to embark on a double-gunned remodel. I’ve asked her doctor and neighbor to not hesitate to tell me if I need to be on the Island. I can hear her say, “Don’t be ridiculous” should I ask if she’d like me to come up. I confess to not knowing what I’d do with myself 70% of the time, other than arguing with her about pickling up all the damn throw rugs (about eight of them that don’t have furniture sitting on top of them in a 1000 square foot house), and struggling with other recommendations that could mitigate her risk of falling. She won’t hear it from me.
Next step is to call her for a daily update.

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