World Series

Mom tells vivid stories about taking the street car and bus to get to Cleveland Indian games when she was a kid. This was before she moved west as a newly minted teenager. The best part of these recollections is understanding how much she enjoyed the game. She spent time as a youngster playing hardball. After her family moved west, she played soft ball for physical education in high school. She speaks of being so disgusted with the idea of tossing a grapefruit sized ball around with team mates who couldn’t throw overhand, that she, against orders, stalked off and joined the boys hardball game. She is still just as fiesty. 

During the World Series, mom didn’t once indicate she watched a game. She turns the news on every night, but like I said before, this is not the same thing as actually watching the news. It is possible that she was unaware that her team finally made it the the big time. 

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