Thanksgiving 2016 ~ Preamble

Well, really, this is the beginning of day one. I leave to meet the ferry in 45 minutes. One of mom’s neighbor’s on the Island called last night to tell me mom is very excited about her trip here. Did my heart good. 

Tomorrow is more or less prescribed. We’re having a very small gathering at Daughter #2’s, who embraced my notion of a simpler alternative meal for Thanksgiving this year. It leaves us bringing a pie and veggies. Readers may recall last year was fraught with mom’s virulent hostility over dinner preparation. This shouldn’t be an issue this year, at least not over getting a large meal together! 
Friday we take in an exhibition at our local regional museum. This was mom’s idea! Mom seldom comes up with activity ideas on her own, so I was delighted that she had such a wonderful suggestion.
I’ll get mom back to the Island on Saturday or Sunday, her choice.
Our first stop this afternoon will be our local walk-in clinic. In an early e-mail this morning, mom said she thinks she has a bladder infection. 

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