Thanksgiving 2016 ~ Day Three Phone Message

Mom left a phone message around 5pm asking for daughter #2’s house phone number because, “I might like to call her and talk to her from time to time.” Mom’s tone was Very clipped and ended with, “Please call me back if you are so inclined to do so. I would appreciate the information.”

I emailed mom all the girls’ contact info in late September. Daughter #2 doesn’t have a house phone, only a cell number. Mom’s clipped tone was, no doubt, due to the fact I didn’t get to the phone before the voice mail system picked up the call. She thought I was being rude in not answering the phone.
I have a new cognitive litmus test. I call mom back and brightly, only, say, “Hi Mom! I’m returning your call!” I returned mom’s call as soon as the phone idicated there was a message, less than 2 minutes after the phone rang. Her reply was, “Do you have any brown paper bags? I seem to be all out of them here, and I’d like something to throw scraps out in.” And, “My TV won’t work. It tells me I have no signal. All I want to do is watch Channel 9 and the news. This drives me crazy!” I said I had lots of paper bags, and would bring them. I also told an ecru lie, and said I needed to be there to fix the TV. Walking mom through changing the input setting on the TV was something I could not do in that moment. Mom didn’t ask me for my daughter’s phone number! In less than two minutes she went from sounding miffed about not instantly getting the info she wanted, to forgetting about it altogether. 

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