Thanksgiving 2016 ~ Day Three

When we picked up mom in the morning, she asked me where we were going… An expected query.

Even with Black Friday upon us, our typically clogged highways were easy sailing today. We got to the museum in record time, found close parking, and enjoyed the exhibit, lunch and a stop in a beautiful rug shop that yielded the two rugs we need for our new floors. Mom enjoyed the exhibit, and while not very participatory at the rug store, I could tell she was in her element. Mom collected Native American Indian rugs. She obviously enjoyed sitting amongst the beautiful stacks of rugs, even asking an occasional question of our knowledgable vendor. 

We got together again at mom’s for a Thanksgiving leftover dinner. After dinner, I worked with mom to make a list of what furnishings she wants to take back to her Island home. I kept this very high level so as not to overwhelm or stress her. We got through the house in about 9 minutes. Mom wants the list I made, and to borrow a tape measure. I’ll transcribe the list into Excel complete, with boxes for measurements, in order to give her the best possible chance of succeeding at getting this data to the Island where she can decide which pieces can go where in her teeny house.
Mom decided to return to the Island on Sunday, and then immediately asked what we were doing tomorrow. I replied that I had no scheduled plans other than to get some work done on the house, and my husband had some actual job related work to do. I’ll take the tape to her late morning and help her with the measuring task.

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