Called to Say "Hi"

At 7:20 this evening… Mom sounded cheerful as she asked if she could call back, as she was just sitting down to dinner. Two hours later, she hasn’t returned my call. She’s forgotten. I am not personally wounded by this in a mother-daughter kinda way, but am, tonight, feeling more sensitive and sad about this expected turn of events than usual. Maybe it’s because we’re Chistmas shopping, and for my mom, gifts are now consumable, whether they’re lovely soaps, books of crosswords (still done in pen!), Dave Barry publications, or tins of her favorite ginger snaps. 

A friend posted on Facebook the other night, “It’s hardest to grieve the loss of someone who’s still here.” Teepa Snow teaches us to embrace the person who remains, as we mourn the person we’ve lost. I’m fortunate to have as much of my mom as I do. It’s this indeterminate in between place that gets me in the gut.  

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