In the past four days mom has called me 22 times to confirm our plans, asking the same question/s several times each call. She even went so far as to have our friend Tim call me, on her behalf, because she couldn’t get a hold of me last night while my husband took me to a movie, which I agree to attend, on average, once every three or so years. There have been emails regarding the same subject, but I am not at my computer, and frankly don’t know if my current state of aggravation can handle finding out just how many more than 66-ish times in four days I’ve been asked about the Christmas itinerary. The interesting thing is mom has the dates written down correctly on her calendar, but can’t trust them. My poor mama.

Today mom pursued her neighbor who is driving her to the ferry (four calls). I know the neighbor as had additional calls. She keeps me in the loop.
On top of this, my former mother-in-law (FMIL), was in her anxiety loop early this week (three calls). At 93, my former mama in law is doing amazingly well, yet, as my eldest calls her, is a ‘stubborn old bird.’ Said with love and affection, this is an accurate description of my FMIL. She won’t take meds prescribed, due to side-effect concerns, then feels horrible, then calls me to say she’s heading to the ER, and if they admit her, please come feed the cat, 2 hours away, by ferry, from where I live. We have been encouraging her to move closer to us for two years. Our talk on Sunday gives me some hope this may come to pass in 2017.
Ah, then there’s the house project (yes, first world problems). Actually, no problems, just last-minute-itis. We can put the dining and living rooms back together tomorrow, late afternoon, that is. After I get back from picking mom up. 
I am thankful my husband is home for the Holidaze. Mom will be a great help recommissioning the house, and hubby will help me direct her efforts. A busy mom is a happy mom. A happy mom is a happy household. May it come to pass. Done with rant.

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