Christmas 2016 ~ Day 1

It snowed our whole drive from the ferry landing to the house. Enough snow that when you looked to the side of the road, the air was a swirl of white. Mom exclaimed a few times that it hadn’t snowed like this since she was a kid in the Midwest. Other than the current meteorological event, we didn’t talk a lot.

Once back at her place, I attempted to steer her towards making a shopping list (with me as scribe), but she needed to walk from room to room. At one point she asked if there were lightbulbs in the house. I fetched the wattage she asked for, and it took both of us to get her lamp going again. It helps to turn the switch the right way ;->. Once in the kitchen, mom did her cabinet/fridge/freezer rummage, taking out the orange juice she’d placed in the freezer a month ago. She needs to go through her process before she’s able to settle down and decide what she wants to buy. Even then, it takes some amount of cycling to get through each item on the list, whether it’s asking what meals we’ll be having together (four times in 6-7 minutes), being reminded that there’s jam in the fridge, or discussing the merits of baking antique cereal to crisp it up. It took, once settled in the kitchen, 12 minutes to amass a five item shopping list.
Shopping gained me an incredible number of steps and a hug from our favorite fish monger. We enjoyed a late lunch out afterwards, and then returned to mom’s to get groceries out of their temporary refrigerator (Subaru), and into the permanent one. I left mom with the paper and returned home to deploy carpets and our dining room table, which we ate at tonight for the first time in two months!

Mom seemed sad, lonely and unhappy to both of us as we waited for dinner to finish up. She doesn’t initiate conversation in a quiet room. We think maybe we should create a topic idea list! Once she’s engaged in conversation, she seems to enjoy herself. The cat was wonderful as he kept coming around asking to sit with her. Mom was only to happy to share space with our mighty hunter. 

We served non-alcoholic wine, decanted into a regular bottle. This is continuing to work well. Mom enjoys her two glasses without side effects. 

Mom decided it was time to head back to her place. We had a warm hug good night. She said she’d enjoyed her evening. 

Tomorrow we continue with furniture deployment with mom as supervisor!

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