Christmas 2016 ~ Day 2

Today mom:

Thought two gifts hadn’t been opened. When I said we hadn’t opened any gifts yet, she looked quizzical, and upon hearing that tomorrow was Christmas, she tossed her head back with a dramatic flair, hand to forehead, and said, “Oh Yes!” This while missing the tree still has a full crop of gifts under it.
Called tomorrow Easter.
Asked both of us, separately, if she should add a stick or two to the (sealed) stove. I said “No, it’s doing just fine right now, but thanks for asking.” Mom was not pleased with my reply. My husband, when asked, kindly explained, without going into details, there was a process one had to go through (turn off ceiling fan, turn off stove fan, open both stove bolts, crack stove door to assure draft, open door slowly, mess with contents, add wood, close door, adjust bolts, turn on ceiling and stove fans ) to ensure the house didn’t get ‘smoked’ and he’d take care of the stove when it needed attention. Mom took his response in stride.
Helped, sorta kinda, clear things in the garage enough so we could exhume our leather couch, and take it back into the living room. She did a fantastic job polishing the couch’s wood!
Was engaged with the football game, discussing game plays with my husband!
Only initiated conversation when she was asking for confirmation about plans, or was schooling one of us about how to accomplish a task. E.g. take out the ham and/or turkey tonight so it would be room temperature when we start cooking it tomorrow. She had the frozen turkey conversation with my husband and the ham conversation with me. We’ve both told her, we’re having a boneless prime rib roast, aka Roast Beast. It look me explaining that consultation with Julia Child has the roast scheduled to exit the fridge 2 hours before its date with the oven, until mom stopped insisting the meat (ham?) needed to grow bacteria on the counter overnight before she backed off her stance. We both know, the room-temp-roast argument will resume in the morning. I will win this one!
Enjoyed my husband’s inspired lunch and comfy dinner. When she told us she’s only used sushi rice for 30 years now, in response to the brown/white basmati mix served for dinner, I brightly said we had at least 10 different rices in the house, and how fun it is to use them with different cuisine. This disarmed her, and she seemed to enjoy the patter about our family’s relationship with one of the most basic foods on the planet.
Enjoyed watching the cat watch the hummingbirds while we ate lunch. 
Couldn’t adapt to the flow of taking off, and keeping her shoes downstairs upon entering the house. Her shoes ended up halfway up the stairs, in the living room. The scary part was when she took off her non-skid ‘slipper socks’ at the top of the stairs and then carefully walked down. She’s very challenged by the stairs, and now that they’re wood, a fall could be even worse. As she descended the second half of the staircase to put her shoes on, she launched at me, again, as to how we needed pads on the stairs for safety. I responded that the non-skid slipper socks achieved the same thing. She asked, “They’re non-skid?” I showed her, again, the little dots that keeps ones feet attached to slippery surfaces. She continued lecturing me about pads on the stairs, which sound about as safe as a tottery 81 year-old going down the stairs in silk socks. Not gonna happen.

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