Christmas (Day) 2016 ~ Day 3

Other than being schooled on:

  • Potatoes should be roasted on cookie sheets, rather than in Pyrex dishes.
  • The roast should stand on its end while outside of the fridge for two hours before cooking.
  • The fact neither of us told her a couple, who has joined us for Christmas for the last five-ish years, was attending. This is where I lost it… I told her ‘The five times you’ve asked me who’s going to be at dinner, I’ve let you know, Fred and Louise will be here.’ She said her lists (plural) didn’t have their names on them. I said I couldn’t help her with that. The bottom line concern was she didn’t have gifts for them. I said, “Mom, Y’all have never exchanged gifts. It’s OK.” Taking all that angst over forgetting what she’s forgotten is hard to handle in the moment, particularly during a party.

Our grandson was an elixir who weaved through the dozen of us, offering distraction for my mom in perfect moments. At three, he hasn’t seen my mom for a year. As he sat in my lap, I coached him, “Say, ‘Hi Yaya!'” He did, and then repeated the greeting spontaneously 3-4 minutes later. Mom was seriously pleased. 

The dilution of company helped mom engage with other people, as her attention wasn’t 100% focused on me and what I was doing. It was good to see mom and my mother-in-law sharing stories for a solid piece of time.

The kids were all on their way by 9:30. Mom stayed for another hour, reading the paper. Then my husband escorted her home. As mom would say, “T’morrow is another day.”

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