Christmas 2016 ~ Day 4

Mom had a VERY difficult time choosing what to take back to the Island. In the end, she chose three small pieces of furniture, and odds and ends to fill up the extended cab of the truck. She had endless reasons why easily packed items couldn’t come back. At one point I had to keep myself from saying, “If we can’t fill up the space, it’s not worth the gas or my time!” After three days of being bossed, my ability to find humor has eroded to almost nothing.

After accomplishing what we were able to, we gassed up the truck, bought a few groceries and headed back to my place where mom helped deploy two of five bookcases. A satisfying task.

Mom was very forgetful during the evening. Most notably, she couldn’t keep track of where her coat and purse were.

And now on this fifth day, I set proverbial sail to the Island. Please whisper a prayer of serenity for my mother, as she has made hostile noise on the phone already this morning, and one of patience for me. I will enter this day with a peaceful heart.

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