I did not take the early boat off the Island. I enjoyed most of four solid hours visiting with Tim, Cindy, their son, daughter-in-law, and charming granddaughters. Tim and Cindy have known my folks for more than 50 years, and me for most of that time. It’s been in the last 16-ish years that we’ve developed an independent relationship. These are the gifts of adulting. Jonesing on your parents friends, because among other things, your parents choose good people to hang out with.

Tim and Cindy usually spend half the year on the Island. They’ve had a shattering couple of years. Early in 2015 they lost their eldest son to cancer. 2016 saw Cindy in treatment for cancer, while Tim put off a long overdue heart valve replacement so he could care for her. Cindy’s treatment was successful, and in September Tim’s heart valve was replaced. The doctor at their local hospital, admonished them, with a grin, ‘to get and stay the hell out of my hospital!’ They are diligently trying. That they got to the Island for Christmas is a gift. I feel blessed to have spent, all at once, peaceful, fun, silly, thoughtful and joyful time with them, even if briefly.

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