I got a call from one of mom’s amazing neighbors telling me mom ‘took out the mailboxes’ in the twilight. Mom is OK.

     * Neighbor’s rendition:  
The car is probably totaled, all the mailboxes (about two dozen) are down, mom is ok, he needed mom’s insurance info to give to the deputy, who was on his way.
     * Mom’s rendition:
Described this as a “car problem.” Said she turned too soon, clipped and knocked down the mail boxes. The front right of the car is damaged.
     * Towing Dude’s rendition:
Mom hit the row of mailboxes head on, taking all of them out. She did not clip the one closest to the road entrance, causing a domino effect… He went further to say that some mailbox posts are sturdier than others, to which I replied, “And they did the most damage to the car?” Indeed they did. The car isn’t quite as bad as he thought when he first saw it perched on top of 24-ish mailboxes and their posts. However, it’s still ‘not good.’ He’ll take if for a drive (I suggested a wobble) tomorrow and see how bad it really is, if it’s drivable at all.
I’ve left a message for the deputy to call me. My next communication is to mom’s insurance agent to let her know both about the accident, and my goals for the vehicle.

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