Accident 3

Today, both the first business day of the year, and first business day post Mailbox Mayhem, has been busy. In the last 24 hours I have spoken/corresponded with:

  • Three of mom’s neighbors multiple times,
  • One of mom’s friends,
  • Her insurance agent multiple times,
  • Her insurance adjuster multiple times, 
  • The Island’s only rental car business, owned by a former classmate of mine,
  • One of her bankers, and 
  • Her tow truck driver, who alerted me that mom is ‘hunting’ for her car. Evidently by phone.

Myself, and others, are in an uncomfortable place between the car (hopefully) being totaled, and the letter arriving from the state revoking (hopefully) her license. How to keep her from buying another vehicle between those two events is the trick. Last time we were here, it took about three weeks for the state to get the letter to mom. If none of us facilitate a car purchase between the Honda being taken off life support and her license suffering the same demise, perhaps this period can pass without too much suffering, on all our parts, including mom. Though, of course, she will suffer the most in the end. I doubt very seriously mom could navigate a car purchase on her own.

Attack Honda.

Not as much damage as I expected.

Not sure what this is, but the photographer is a car geek. Can’t be good.

These are the boxes that weren’t fished out from under mom’s car “as flat as a magazine.”

Notice the timber driven into the ground.

Mom has said to both Tim and me that she thinks she might have dozed off behind the wheel, but only for five seconds or so… Black ice is also high on her list of probable causes. I’ve been assured there is no ice on the roads. While it’s very cold, it’s also bone dry.

Yesterday, twice, mom forgot all about the accident happening.

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