Accident 4 ~ Letter to the neighbors

Dear Friends and Neighbors of my Mama,

You all know by now that my mom wiped out the mail boxes late afternoon on New Years Day. Insurance has been exercised, both for the property damage to the mail boxes (my understanding is they will be repaired on Thursday) and the car, whose fate we are still waiting to hear about.

We are in a nebulous zone between finding out the disposition of the car, and the arrival of the letter from the state questioning mom’s driving skills. She does not know a driver re-eval form was sent into the state, and I know no one included on this email will reveal this news to her.

More particularly, it’s the period of time from when the car is totaled (very, very likely) and the letter from the state arrives, that I am imploring you all to resist her requests to help her purchase another vehicle. She does not have the cognitive wherewithal to negotiate a purchase of this nature on her own, much less be able to get to the car lot. The state’s letter should be out in about 3 weeks. The car ought to be totaled by the end of this week.

Sure, if you can, if it’s convenient for you, take her to town when you go, should she ask, but please do not have the time to wheel and deal, much less wait for her to peruse the the car lot… If you’re unable to give her a lift when she asks, refer her to Bob’s Taxi, 123-4567. If everyone gives her the same info, is consistent, there’s a chance it might stick!

The goal is to get her off the road. I will deal with the overall fall out of that eventuality, should it happen. It was attempted before and failed. I have high hopes that a second ‘offense,’ submitted this time by law enforcement rather than the medical community, may carry more weight.

If there are others in the subdivision you trust with this transparent letter, that mom might call for car purchasing help, please forward this to them, but only if you know they won’t rat me out!

Very Safely Yours,

The Kid…

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