Accident 5 ~ Misc and Car Rental

I talked to mom last night. Among other things, she thinks:

     * The residual on the car will be about $12,000.00. It pegs out somewhere between $3-5,000.00 less her deducable. 
     * The car wasn’t in too bad of shape before the accident. 

     * The Honda has Dixie Cup construction.
     * She has 4.5 days of rental coverage, because $50/day up to $1,000.00 means 4.5 days 🙄.
     * She needs to look at buying another car, and what do I think she should get. I said I had no idea, but it should have all-wheel drive.
Today, she is intent on renting something. Unfortunately, my old classmate cannot think of a legal reason not to rent to my mom. Nor can mom’s insurance agent. Mom has agreed to abide by my classamate’s stipulation: Mom had to get herself to the car lot and has to drive the car competently. She has a ride. I am praying for incompetence. 

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