Accident 6 ~ Rental Procurrment

Mom passed the test my classmate, Wanda, put her through. The rental car is worth about $3000.00, and will not make its owner weep if it gets totaled. Wanda shared that she challenged mom (by phone) with, “Now, sometimes people your age have diagnoses of dementia or Alzheimer’s, and I can’t rent to anyone with that illness.” Mom answered, “I have NEVER been diagnosed with dementia!!”  

The underwriters at mom’s insurance company were very interested that mom has been telling people she may have fallen asleep at the wheel, causing the accident. Her policy will be non-renewed at its renewal date. Mom’s doctor will need to complete a form for underwriting in order for them to consider renewing the policy. If the the form is filled out in such a way that the policy can be underwritten, the premium will be prohibitive. In the last five years mom has had three chargeable accidents, one in which there was bodily injury, two ‘chargable’ tow coverages where she ran her car up and over a big timber at her neighbor’s, and one accident, the Day After she got her license back, in July of 2014, that was covered, but not chargable because the damages were below the chargable threshold. And, that’s only what her insurance company knows about. Mom still thinks her record is clean.
The police report will go before a ‘judge, prosecutor, or magistrate.’ I have faith that the deputy’s language will pique the interest of the underwriters, the state and the above mentioned learned law professionals. 
Now, I pray that mom doesn’t mow anyone down before the state yanks her license. 

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