Accident 7 ~ Anxiety Attack

First, my apologies to those I should be telling this to in person. 

While in a deep uncomfortable dream state, at three this morning, I realized my respiration was too fast. I woke enough to make a run to the loo, and found myself shaking. The house was not correspondingly cold enough to explain the shakes. My only focus was to get back in bed and jones on my hubby’s furnace-like body heat. From three to six, I continued with a truly bizarre dreamscape, breathing way to fast. At six, I realized my heart rate was galloping. By 7:15 I was awake enough to guess it was 150 BPM. By the time I got the doctor, 150 was confirmed.
A battery of tests later it’s been determined I do not have things like a blood clot, pneumonia, a heart attack, wonky electrolytes, thyroid or any other malady save an upper respitory cough causing a slightly elevated white count and low grade fever. The doc said it’s stress induced, but let’s have you visit the cardiologist next week just to be safe. Fine with me.
By the time the clinic let me go home, my heart rate was 111. As of this writing 8 hours later, it’s about 85. My normal is between 70 and 80.
I have learned that anxiety attacks wake people up, rather than one waking up and then having an anxiety attack. That certainly was my experience.
It strikes me that the kind phrase, “Make sure to take care of yourself” is all about avoiding this sort of event. To that end, I’m taking the weekend off re the accident. Mom’s calls will go to voicemail. Yes, I’ll check them in a timely manner, but no ‘blind’ contact. I am going to sew, nap, watch the football game, and maybe finish the caulking to save face when our general contractor returns on Monday. But only if I feel like it.

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