Family History

We’re making a stir fry for dinner tonight using riced cauliflower for the first time. I set a bowl from my childhood on a simmer plate over a small BTU burner, set on low, on our gas stove so we’d have a vessel to keep things warm in as they came off the wok. My husband turned the burner up to warm the bowl faster. I had a negative reaction.

After turning the burner back to low, I shared this story:
When I was a kid, we’d drive to Sausoiito on Sundays to sail with friends. Occasionally after sailing we’d go the the Army/Navy Surplus and choose pieces, where this bowl came from, that were possibly present during historical events from the days when our military served our troops on crockery. Then we’d go to Petrini’s where mom and dad would buy things like chicken and turkey backs to make stock. 
This bowl is a solid piece of my history that I cannot risk losing on a too-hot simmer plate, at a time when my mom is losing her history. It is a symbol of years of our family outings, interests, and of my parent’s values in preserving history.

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