January 14, 2017

This is actually post #2. #1 is on my laptop, which is not connected to the wifi at mom’s Island house. At this juncture I am thrilled to have my online email interface reestablished (who needs it with a smart phone in your pocket… Until you’re in a location with .1% service.). I’ll try the code on the back of the router tomorrow, maybe. Being in a situation where focusing on one thing at a time, when back at the house, is a necessity is very alien to me. The first night was paper, second was the fridge, third was more relaxed as daughter #2 came to the Island. Our time was very cerebral, spent in planning mode.Tonight was about vacuuming… Vacuuming the food, grit, dust, fireplace leavings and grime off the floor and throw rugs. The job is about 40% done. Pausing to cook and eat each evening is surprisingly challenging.

Mom spent the night of the 10th in the Island hospital under observation.Most of her tests were reassuring, tho her sodium remains low and her heart has a hitch in its giddy-up. Nothing to worry excessively about, however. She was released to the Island’s skilled nursing facility on the 11th after a visit from her doc.

Her doc was firm with her: “You cannot drive, which means your living situation is going to have to change.” While, on one hand, my protective side rumbled internally about, “If she’d use the cab to get about…” the practical side of me got it… Mom has totaled 2 cars in 10 days due to losing consciousness. She is not safe in her home, nor has she been for some time, and now we have a concrete reason that she can’t continue to live independently. Suddenly, her compression fracture’s cause is up for debate. Sure she fell, but why? Did she lose consciousness?

She has asked me dozens of times to take her to the house “for just five minutes.” I have told her, “They won’t let me.” Then she says, “I won’t tell,” like a kid trying to get away with something. I respond with, “Mom, if you lose consciousness, you could crack your head open. I am not  a medical professional, if you fall for any reason, I can’t lift you (without injuring myself)… It’s simply not safe.” She doesn’t like this answer, but it stops her from asking the question for a least 15 minutes. As the last three days have trickled by, she asks this less and less. She does, however, ask unremittingly, how long she has to say at the nursing home.

Her doc wants to get a base line on mom: No antihistamines, no alcohol, get her stabilized on a new blood pressure meds, and have her in a safe environment surrounded by medical eyes in case she has another episode. He said this time spent in the skilled nursing facility would also allow time for long term planning.

While there are as many pages to write about this as the hours spent living it, another goal this evening is getting to sleep before midnight.

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