The Fridge

Contents worth noting:

  • Newman’s Own sauce expired 2/2013
  • Seven decanted bottles of Gatorade. If mom can manage the decanting process, handling a gallon bottle, why go through this exercise?
  • Antique lefover rice.
  • Exploding pint of homemade broth. Age unknown.
  • Homemade pint of spaghetti sauce under pressure. Age unknown.
  • Open home-canned beets, dated 5/2014.
  • Open home-canned pint of tomato sauce dated 2014.
  • Another of the above with a crop of mold.
  • Open homemade half-pint spaghetti sauce dated 3/2014.
  • Half-pint of suspicious mayo of unknown age.
  • Mystery half-pint of a toxic substance. 

  • Quart of home-canned Kosher dill tomatoes dated 10/2006.
  • Pint of composted strawberry-rhubarb sauce. Age unknown.
  • Unopened tin of Cougar Cheese expired 6/2005.
  • Unopened tortillas, expired 3/5/2014.
  • Quart of bean soup, so frighting I took it to the dump.

  • Fruit so rotted it took a second or two to figure out what it was. 

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