January 17, 2017

Mom is less cranky each day. She has cycled through different confusions and forgetfulness’s.  I think she understands that she’s in skilled nursing because of “some trouble with the car,” but doesn’t always remember one or both accidents. One has to remind her she ‘spontaneously lost consciousness’ (the unwavering reply) behind the wheel, twice, when she forgets why she can’t be at home, or drive. Yesterday, she did say out loud and in front of witnesses, “I won’t be driving anymore.”
Friends and neighbors come to see her frequently. Her face lights up. I am thankful for their collective community.
I’m still cleaning the house. Mom has long ago stopped cleaning in any real way. While I want to vacuum every bread crumb off of every surface in the kitchen (there are enough crumbs to ‘panko’ a large fish), the vacuum is in mom’s office, and so I feel urgency to finish that room and be done with it. First though, ya gotta find the floor in order to vacuum… Which means going through everything…. Which means leaving the crumbs where they lay for the moment.

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